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I'm Miranda, 

I believe there are exactly three things in life worth paying extra for: guac, waffle cones, and great, professional design.

While I'm a huge fan of the first two, the last is my specialty. I love working with my clients to make their ideas real and bring their brands to life. I'm a positive, high-energy person who enjoys working with small businesses.

I love art, running, and am I'm currently traveling the world
and living out of AirBnbs, so hit me up with any good travel recommendations! 
I'm always interested in connecting with businesses looking to grow and people looking to do some good in the world.

Design Bucket List

There's a few things I think would be really fun to design.
If you've got a project on this list, absolutely let me know and I'll be thrilled to help!

  • Beer labels/packaging

  • Restaurant menu

  • Wine mabel

  • Illustrative wall mural

  • Bus wrap

  • Board game or card game

  • Book cover

  • City brand

  • Ice cream company

  • Illustrative children's/youth brands

  • Travel/Digital nomad focused company

  • Global non-profit

Got a project in mind?

Thanks for submitting! I'll reach out soon!

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