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The Upside podcast is a top 27 ranked business podcast by Fortune that looks at startup investing outside of Silicon Valley. For this project I needed to create a logo and brief brand guide, but also a version of the logo that was worked into podcast artwork. I wanted the logo to work great in the artwork since that would be it's primary application, however, it also needed to be able to be used as a stand-alone logo for their website and other marketing materials. For this concept, since their podcast is focused on finding upside outside of predictable Silicon Valley, I showed a series of uniform gray dots that represent Silicon Valley and as "the norm" and then a bright teal pin outside of those dots that represents the upside that these podcasters are interested in. The contrast of colors and clean and simple approach allow this artwork to stand out in the podcast landscape while also creating a foundation for a great, versatile brand to be used across the board. 

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